Cora Novoa – A Couple of Days

“The wings of an airplane, a steel suitcase traveling miles, everyday nerves, as if each day is the first.  Producer Cora Novoa opens the doors into two days of her life to share with her friends, fans, and music peers the reality she faces in her dedication to the profession of music for dance floor productions.  Behind the glamor of the music, the night life, the stage lights, and the applause there lies a parallel universe where the artist develops in solitary, composes, studies, continuously looks for improvement, overcomes uncertainties and keeps growing.  As she is followed by the camera, Cora Novoa reveals polarizing aspects of her life from her creativity crisis to her musical evolution, from her more personal feelings in regards to this profession that she has chosen and in her hobbies, her passion for her friends and the love for her family. Ten minutes of Real Life that perfectly reflect the work and keys that are consecrating this artist as one of the most solid names within National Electronic.”

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