Cora Novoa is one of those spanish talents that never ceases amazing us. Next June she presents her new album Fight Love Faith, second reference of her new record label Seeking the velvet, from which she launches a capsule unisex streetwear and accessories collection. An extensive media promotional campaign will accompany these releases, ensuring the visibility of this innovative project as well as the impact of the new album.

To open us the doors of this creative universe, Galician composer and Dj, Cora Novoa, gives us a taster in the form of single with Golden Apples. This is a song with soul, pop structure and a beautiful story in its background. It blends perfectly electronics with pop, and the beautiful voice of folk singer Sam Tucker is conjugated with the melody to achieve such a sublime and surprising theme, in which is evident the influence of the Galician by black music, nuanced as the punch of the bass and the rhythm of the drums.