Cora Novoa launches her first EP on Vitalic’s label

“Three albums and ten EPs into her career, DJ and producer Cora Novoa is one of the most established electronic artists in Spain. She followed an album/EP sojourn on Natura Sonoris (Henry Saiz’s label) and Hivern Discs (John Talabot’s label) prior to setting up her own company, Seeking The Velvet, designed to seek out Barcelona’s new vibrant, creative talent. She became the first woman to collect the Best DJ award at 2017’s Vicious Music Awards in Spain. She also creates live immersive audio-visual performances in riveting fashion.

Ushered in by Vitalic, Cora Novoa is releasing a first EP on his label Citizen Records. The EP, featuring the tracks ‘’The Hive’’ and ‘’Hey,’’ is an electro/techno effort of maximum intensity. Both tracks build on harsh rhythmic patterns, high energy, overpowering dark grooves, and are ready to be effective for dancefloors. ‘’The Hive’’ follows a sensational metronomic beat pattern and plays on breaks to ever increase the pressure. The seven-minute track is as dense as gripping. ‘’Hey’’ revolves around short slogans that are repeated throughout. The brief vocals lay over a strong beat together with industrial and metallic sounds.”