KOMPAKT FM X – Includding Cora Novoa’s Original Track

When she founded her own record label CORRESPONDANT in 2011, JENNIFER CARDINI simply kept the name of her long-standing residency at Paris’ Rex Club, as it were those legendary parties with guest artists from all over the world that inspired the seminal French DJ to build a platform for young talent and old friends. Now, the label proudly presents the CORRESPONDANT COMPILATION 01, filled to the brim with innovative dance sounds for all circumstances and bringing you exclusive material from well-established luminaries as well as new discoveries. “I have always loved to be the first one in the club, waiting for the dance floor to fill up, creating an atmosphere and slowly building up the tension throughout the room with my DJ sets”, says JENNIFER CARDINI, “and this is precisely where the label has found its ground of inspiration. One could think of the compilation as an Instagram of those moments that I enjoy so much.”



Three of these moments have been selected for KORRESPONDANT 1, the first vinyl sampler of the CORRESPONDANT COMPILATION 01, including JENNIFER CARDINI’s own VENOM, a glorious high-octane floor thriller that represents one of the results of many, many hours in the studio over the last months and a spectacular return of the revered DJ to the producer spotlight. Next, we welcome Comeme’s rising star PHILIPP GORBACHEV teaming up with Cologne’s BARNT (of “Geffen” fame) who also co-runs the amazing label Magazine. Out came DIFCOVERED ATOMAN, a truly dangerous track ready to kick-start the crowd. Together with newcomer CORA NOVOA’s elegant THE SPHINX, this makes for a pitch-perfect 12″ that won’t leave your DJ crate any time soon.