Tiga b2b Cora Novoa at Sónar Festival 30th Anniversary

“Whether it’s because of the years they’ve been in the music business, their almost unhealthy obsession with new music, or the amount of demos that pass through their hands, this back-to-back between Canada’s Tiga and Spain’s Cora Novoa might be prove to be one of the most memorable sets at Sónar’s 30th anniversary. In the red corner, Tiga, head of Turbo Recordings and one of the most respected electronic producers and DJs of the last 20 years. And in the blue corner, Cora Novoa, producer, DJ and label owner herself (SEEKING THE VELVET), currently on tour with a new AV live show. She’s also released music on Turbo Recordings, as well as Citizen Records and Hivern Discs. The early hours of the morning will be theirs to do what they like with: house, techno, acid, trance, rave, and even eurodance. A pairing as unpredictable as it is unbeatable.”