VA – Correspondant Compilation

“Dear Listener,

Sometimes you have to make the most out of what your given, so when I was confronted with insomnia last year, I made the decision to do something useful with my time, rather than just waiting for the sleep to come back – and that was to start my own record label. Finding a name was no struggle, I just kept the name of my 10+ year long time residency at Paris’ Rex Club: Correspondant. I have always loved to be the first one in the club, waiting for the dance floor to fill up, creating an atmosphere and slowly building up the tension throughout the room with my DJ sets. This is precisely where the label has found it’s ground of inspiration. One could think of the Correspondant Compilation as an Instagram of those moments that I enjoy so much . Here are some words to share with you about the wonderful contributors that helped make what this very special collection of music is.

Jimmy After is a newcomer on Correspondant and delivers with “The Dedicated” – the perfect atmospheric and deeply melodic opening track.

After their slick, urban remix of Enola, we can name Darabi “the Pope of 99 bpm“. Their contribution to the compilation, “Pistolero”, carries their distinctive signature: obsessive minimal slowness.

Daniel Avery had a breakthrough past year, with stunning releases on Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy and the release of his very own mix CD for Fabric. Produced together with his partner in crime Justin Robinson, aka Deadstock 33s their track “Tunnel” is a cinematographic road trip.

Cora Novoa’s track “The Sphinx“ is so beautiful and elegant. Something to hold you back until we release EP on Correspondant later in the year.

Pulp Disco & The Outcast released their psychedelic disco track “Journey Into The Bright World” (CORRESPONDANT 07) in May 2012 to a lot of attention. We are happy to welcome them back with the track “Over Midnight”.

Clement Meyer of “Get the Curse” is all about carving his way into insanity. His track “High Tek Snuff” is following the direction he took on his first EP for my label, «Sweet Insanity“ (CORRESPONDANT 03).

Nothing sounds better than a real warm bass. Javi Redondo’s «The Cave Of Gold” triggers the Joy Division fan inside me.

After his last release,“Satori EP” (CORRESPONDANT 09) in September 2012, Michel Amato aka The Hacker bridges John Carpenter with Dopplereffekt to a resounding effect with his new track “Enter“.

Next we welcome Comeme’s young talent Philip Gorbachev, who actually has a double-appearance on this compilation. He teams up with Cologne’s rising star Barnt (of “Geffen” fame), who also co-runs the amazing label “Magazine”. The result is, well, DANGEROUS!!

The second collaboration is with Daniel Maloso, who has released my probably favourite album of 2012 “In And Out” on Comeme. Their track “Like A Vampire” will make you want to stay up all night and find some trouble!

I’ve always loved Rework. Their releases on Playhouse such as “Say Hey“ or “Anyway I Know You“ are classics to me. I first met them 10 years back when they played at the legendary Parisian night club Pulp. It’s an honor to have them onboard with “Heavy Handed” . This track evokes this wonderful energy that I discovered from them back in the day.

We could not have a Correspondant compilation without a track from my music partner Nhar, who delivers a very special version of “Thelema” which was our first release on the label.

As the closing track for the compilation I picked one of my own tracks. “Venom is one of the results from my many, many hours in the studio over the last months. I hope you all like it and rest assured there will be more from me very soon!
Unfortunately there is only so much space on a CD so we included 2 extra tracks which are exclusively available on the digital version. The first up comes from Tomas More – one of Paris’ rising stars thanks to his involvement in Get The Curse and releases on Items and Things, WYS and of course his “Scopic Drive” (CORRESPONDENT 04) 12″ for us. Last but not least, Offset returns after doing a killer remix of The Hacker (CORRESPONDANT 09) with a playful tune called “IRM”.

Thank you for listening and reading and hope you enjoy our first album!“