Cora Novoa create the music identity for DOMINNICO DILDOM Fashion Show

“The music producer is once again working at the intersection of fashion and music with DOMINNICO, one of the most internationally renowned designers in Spain, who has dressed artists such as Beyonce, Rita Ora and Rosalia. This time he has been in charge of producing 3 tracks for the designer’s new collection, and also performing […]

Cora Novoa ft Bryte – Gogo Gaga Premiered on FACT Magazine

“Spanish producer and DJ Cora Novoa joins forces with Ghanaian MC Bryte, a propulsive fusion of their energetic styles. Layering restless kicks and blizzards of noise against Bryte’s nimble delivery and irrepressible vibe, Cora Novoa matches the rapper’s vocal levity with bludgeoning weight and atmospheric dept, revealing yet another side to the multi-faceted MC. The […]

Cora Novoa AV Live / Rituals Tour

“This new audiovisual show, which has been presented at Mutek Montreal and Fabric London, will continue to tour Europe, Latin America and Asia in 2023 and 2024.” Watch the Video:

Tiga b2b Cora Novoa at Sónar Festival 30th Anniversary

“Whether it’s because of the years they’ve been in the music business, their almost unhealthy obsession with new music, or the amount of demos that pass through their hands, this back-to-back between Canada’s Tiga and Spain’s Cora Novoa might be prove to be one of the most memorable sets at Sónar’s 30th anniversary. In the […]

Cora Novoa Live @ Fabric London

“Cora is a music composer, DJ and live performer. We have been following her for quite some time now but we’ve been really blown away by her release on Tiga’s Turbo Recording. She’s fierce, groovy, technical and can use vocals in a very unique way. ‍ Moreover, she combines her professional career with other professional […]

Mutek Montreal 2022 / New AV Live

“First woman to win Best DJ of the Year in 2017 at Madrid’s Vicious Music Awards, Cora Novoa is also one of her country’s most creative producers. Born in Galicia, Spain, but having lived in Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona, Novoa developed her creative imagination through classical flute, hip-hop instrumentals and graffiti before finding her way […]

First Ableton Educational Tour

This 2022/2023 season she has conducted the first Ableton educational tour in different universities and school centers for students to discover new creative tools with Cora as Ableton Official Trainer. One of Cora’s goals with this program is “to make everyone curious about Ableton whether or not they have previous knowledge about this software”. In […]

Cover for Mixmag Spain first issue Print/Digital Edition

“01100011 01101111 01110010 01100001 01101110 01101111 01110110 01101111 01100001. Imaginemos un mundo en el que, mediante algún plug-in cerebral, hubiéramos ganado la capacidad de leer código binario de la misma forma que leemos texto. Si fuera así, sabría el lector que los números que encabezan esta nota, no significan otra cosa que “CORA NOVOA”. E […]