Cora is panelist at Sónar+D​ talking about “Building a brand (and a business) around your music”

“Artists are challenged more than ever to make their practice sustainable, but there are also more tools and resources than ever to do so. Set up a recording studio or a record label, exploring areas related to music such as design or technology. Collaborating with brands or founding their own, or using all the potential that offer the internet platforms; are only a few ways that artists can grow a business around the ethic and aesthetic values of their music. _

Brandon Hixon, marketing specialist and manager of De La Soul; Year0001 (Oskar Ekman and Emilio Fagone) Yung Lean’s management team; Cora Novoa, producer and DJ; and Adam Katz, creative director at Imprint Projects agency, will share their experience in building brands and businesses around music”

Pic by Andrés Aguilar & Alina Cvetkova