Cora Novoa – Mental Diary (ACT 1)

“The Galician producer and DJ, Cora Novoa, is releasing “Our Words have brought us this far. Only our actions will take us further”, the first act of her trilogy, “Mental Diary”. The three acts are emotionally connected through the narrative structure, which is based on the Aristotelian style of composition.

“Mental Diary” is a mental journal that recounts the artist’s life experiences over the past year, a metaphor for the personal and professional changes that led her to experiment with a darker and colder form of composition. The album’s three acts were developed completely analogically between London and Barcelona and are based on the use of modular synthesizers and drum machines. Their use invokes a bleak landscape and reflects Novoa’s characteristic sound.

The first act, which will be released  on November 23, speaks of humanity’s fascination with overcoming pain and fear. Based on the premise that “our words have brought us this far. Only our actions will take us further,” the first part of the trilogy is inspired by the historical suffering of the Polish people and speaks to the survival of the individual through hope and overcoming fear. This gabber-style techno appeals to the most human and primary of actions: rebirth.

Novoa was responsible for all parts of the project’s creation. In addition to developing the album’s music, she crafted both the storytelling and creative direction, developing a strong visual language and imagery reflected in each of the project’s different elements.

This first act, released  by Novoa’s label, Seeking the Velvet, will be published as a limited edition cassette, complete with special packaging and a description about the project that extends the first act’s creative and visual language. The track “Russian Bells” features a video clip that showcases the beauty and influence of the Eastern European countries’ aesthetic. In tandem with the first act’s release, a capsule collection of t-shirts inspired by the album will also go on sale.

The Galician artist recently premiered “Mental Diary” live at Tate-Modern London and Mutek Montreal. Novoa will kickoff the world tour for the new album in January 2019, with the publication of the two remaining acts soon to follow”